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Around the Oaks

Here at Dayton Oaks, we have a large variety of activities for all ages, a few of these activities include;

Disc Golf

5 Hiking Trails

Campfire pits

Picnic areas

Basketball Court

Gaga Ball Arena

Sand Volleyball Court

Athletic Field - Soccer, Football, Kickball

9 Square in the Air

Carpet Ball


Teather Ball




RV/Tent Camping

Dayton Oaks Winter
Red Trail Entrance
Top of the world
Out Door Chapel
9 Square in the Air
Disc Golf
9 Square in the Air

The person in the middle square (the king square) will serve the ball by hitting the ball up and out of their square.  When the ball comes into your square simply hit the ball up and out of your square into any other square.  

     – If the ball falls into your square, you are out.

     – If the ball is hit outside of the whole game structure,
        the last person who touched the ball is out.

     – If someone double hits the ball, they are out.

     – If someone hits the game structure, they are out.

When someone gets out, they move to the back of the line.  Everyone who was behind them will advance forward one square to fill-in the empty place.  

Simple.  Fun.  Addicting.  9 Square in the Air!

Disc Golf

As a player progresses down the fairway, he or she must make each consecutive throw from the spot where the previous throw has landed. The trees, shrubs, and terrain changes located in and around the fairways provide challenging obstacles for the golfer. Finally, the "putt" lands in the basket and the hole is completed. Disc golf shares the same joys and frustrations of traditional golf, whether it's sinking a long putt or hitting a tree halfway down the fairway. There are a few differences, though. Disc golf rarely requires a greens fee, you probably won't need to rent a cart, and you never get stuck with a bad "tee time." It is designed to be enjoyed by people of all ages, male and female, regardless of economic status. We have a total of 9 Disc Golf holes!

Hiking Trails
GaGa Ball

GaGa, meaning “touch, touch” in Hebrew, is considered a safer alternative to dodge ball. GaGa Ball is spontaneous, addictive fun for kids of all ages and athletic abilities. Mamba GaGa Ball Pits are built of commercial grade materials for long-lasting durability and can be used anywhere indoors or outdoors. Engineered to be lightweight, truly portable and storable, and simple to custom re-size to match any age, ability, and number of players. 


Paintball at Dayton Oaks is open to all who are 11 years & older. Paintball was added to Dayton Oaks in 2007.   Let's face it...PAINTBALL IS FUN! No matter your age, it's an adrenaline rush when you play. Come join the fun during paintball camp paintball challenge, or the men's retreat.  Add paintball to any summer camp, or schedule your own paintball retreat.

Paintball Rental Pricing

$10 - Per Field/Day

$10 - Equipment (includes marker, mask, tank, ammo pouch)

$4 - 20oz  Air Tank

$2 - 10oz Air Tank

$50 - Full Case of Paint

$35 - 1000 Paintballs

$20 - 500 Paintballs

We have 5 hiking trails on the camp.  They include the orange, yellow, blue & red trails, and our newly blazed Log Jog 5K trail.  The red trail is one of our intermediate trails, it is roughly 2 miles.  While taking this trail you get to be on the highest part of the camp, The Top of the World!  This trail has great scenic views and an access trail to Skillet Creek! The yellow trail is our shortest trail.  It's just right for the smaller hikers or hikers just wanting an easy walk.  Our orange trail is around 4 miles, has a small hill with a rope lifesaver to help you get over it, and the hogan bridge over the creek.  Our blue trail is our longest trail.  You will circle almost the entire 498 acres of the camp property on the blue trail.  The Log Jog trail was just completed in 2019.  It;s 3.1 miles of hills, valleys, woodland obstacles, and several water crossings.  Get in touch with God, go hike!

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